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【1secCamera】How to backup the files.

【1secCamera】How to backup the files.

Photos and movies took by 1secCamera aren’t adopted automatic backup of iTunes and iCloud.
So, please backup files manually.


Connect your device and PC with cable and launch “iTunes”.

When iTunes opens, please do the following.

①Click the device icon.

②Click “Apps”.

③Click “1secCamera”in the file sharing.

Then, data in the application will appear in the “Documents”.

※”File sharing” might be displayed at the bottom of the screen, depending on the number of apps installed on your device.


④Select the folders you want to backup to the PC.

※Multi selection is available with Ctrl key(Win) or command(Mac).

We recommend a backup of the following five folders.

1second・・・1 second videos you took
1secondPhoto・・・Photos of 1 second videos(750px)
1secondThumbnail・・・Thumbnail photos of 1 second videos(246px)
Album・・・Movies you made
AlbumThumbnail・・・Thumbnail photos of movies you made(246px)

※You don’t need to backup the other files or folders. They are used for only systems.

⑤Click “Save to…”.


⑥Select the place you want to save files.

※Easier to find the data later, the desktop is recommended.

How to revert the data from backup


If you want to revert from a backup, try drag-and-drop to “Documents” of 1secCamera.
※Multi selection is available with Ctrl key(Win) or command(Mac).
※All the files in the application is overwrited. Please check carefully.

If you need more help, please E-mail up from setting menu in the application.